LinkedIn Campaign Management

LinkedIn Lead Generation and CRM Automation

A seamless LinkedIn Lead Generation process: Generate high-intent leads that instantly deliver directly into your CRM with full attribution, ready for Sales.

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Our Services

Expertise in LinkedIn Campaign Management

We develop LinkedIn Campaigns using a full-funnel approach that lowers cost per lead, drives high intent and we build out a workflow that engages prospects at every stage of the buyer journey.

This is a fully automated service integrated directly into your CRM for effective revenue reporting – attributing every converted lead to a Closed Won deal to measure ROI.

We have two ways of working with you:

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Account Management

Working in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account, testing, optimising and monitoring daily. This also involves a fully automated process of delivering leads into your CRM.

Our expert account management package starts at £1,800/mo.

- Expertly designed targeting
- Launch unlimited campaigns/ads
-  Optimise account daily to your goals and budget
- Build an automated dashboard for reporting within your CRM
- Manage AB test so you’re always learning

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Strategy Consulting

This package includes 2 x 45-minute meetings.

The initial meeting will be to run through your current ad strategy, goals and any questions you may have.

I will then audit your account offline and provide a full strategy consultation that includes training and guidance on our next call. You have the option to provide account access ahead of the first call for best value.

The Strategy Consulting bundle costs £450 in total.

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Step 1

LinkedIn Ad Strategy

We work with you to develop an effective full-funnel campaign using best practices from experience that will nurture your target audience into action.

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Step 2

Execution & CRM Automation

We execute the campaign in LinkedIn Campaign Manager and ensure we have automations created for lead delivery and email flows.

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Step 3

Measure, Optimise& Scale

We monitor and optimise campaigns daily to ensure effective targeting. We also build a dashboard within your CRM (HubSpot/Salesforce/Pardot) so that you can monitor ROI.

Our Process

Our bulletproof process to win on LinkedIn Campaign Manager

We have a strict set of processes for our LinkedIn Account Management package that delivers.

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